Copy and pasting, the content between Google Docs and 
WordPress, is inefficient, frustrating, and a big-time waste;
wouldn’t you agree? 

Learn How This New Publishing Workflow is transforming the content creation experience; while also being fun, fast, and efficient!!  

Improve Your Content Creation Experience and Publishing Speed on WordPress with this new Workflow! 

Free webinar


*Very limited seating. Only 50 spots for each webinar*
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar

#1. How to improve your publishing speed.

We will show you a better alternative than Google-Doc create and collaborate during your content creation process. You will see how this new approach helps you publish faster. 

#2. How to enhance your content creation experience.

You will see a side-by-side demo of creating and publishing content with Google-Doc and Gutenberg+Multicollab. You will be shocked once you see what you are missing out on by not collaborating inside WordPress?

#3. How to do effective team collaboration during content publishing.

You will learn how easy and effective it is to collaborate with your team using your favorite blog publishing tool -- WordPress without worrying about copy-pasting content between WordPress and Google Docs collaboration with 
your team

#4. How to control and customize your publishing workflow.

Unknowingly you have settled on a workflow that doesn’t fit into your process with Google Doc. You will learn how it affects your publishing speed and experience and will see a better alternative that will let you control and customize your entire publishing workflow. 

** PLUS-HUGE BONUS: Just Show Up On The Webinar LIVE and We’ll do a FREE Publishing Workflow Audit ($5,000 value)!!! 

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